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Boston Music Studio My Lady On Fire has the ability to operate 24/7 with no late night noise restrictions for Rehearsals or Recording sessions. 

If you wish to simply visit, please shoot us an email or call to make sure we can accommodate you to the full facility located less then 10 minutes from downtown Boston!

My Lady On Fire is a service/work-for-hire company that specializes in music composition and songwriting. We can supply original works of art for performers, producers, songs with lyrics, music to lyrics, instrumental music for film, advertisement and jingles.  Not only do we have the ability to compose and write music and songs on demand for any need or purpose, we can record, produce and sync up to a visual media in one go allowing you to leave with a complete product.

Our Boston location services include recording, mixing, mastering and customized production to suit the needs of individualized projects. Hourly/monthly Private rehearsal room and Music Lessons

Hi! My name is Rebecca Naree Londei.

Since the age of thirteen, I've been performing, writing and working in the music business.  Along with everyone in the entertainment industry, you soon come to quickly realize there are a lot of rules.  Let's say you have an idea, a product, a promotion and the last thing that's missing is the music, so what is stopping you??? Copyright!!! Yep, that pesky thing called copyright can get you in a lot of trouble if you're not careful and in today's economy people will be cracking down on making sure that if they can get a dime they will.

That's where we come in!  We constantly run into people who need original compositions for their short films, a singer who needs a songwriter, a writer who needs music to their lyrics, and even your average joe who wants to sell a wedding video they've put together but can't.  Simple situations where people just want to do their thing but the laws of music and copyright get in the way.  We want you to be able to sell, promote and use your creative ideas legally and hassle free.  Talk to us and we'll work with you to make your creative vision complete.


Rebecca Londei: Herro, if you've read the "about us" page you already know a little bit about me, but just in case you want more... I'm a Berklee College of Music graduate with a Bachelors in Songwriting.  I originally started playing the piano then taught myself to play the guitar when I was a teenager.  I went on to getting my degree and picked up the bass and drums on the way.  I'm all about tight melodies and strong lyrics, and gaming.  I just want to write music and make people happy.

Jason Felitto: Our Head Engineer and managing director of the Boston location. Jason Felitto is a gifted Musician, Teacher, and Performer.   With a Degree in Piano Performance from the Boston Conservatory has been very serious about music since age 5.  His studies also include Manhattan School of Music and Berklee College of music with courses in Music Production (Protools,Reason) as well as Music Business.  He had the great opportunity to study under the Famed Anthony "Rocky" Gallo in NYC who has worked with greats such as John Legend and KRS 1.  His Services include Engineering, Mixing, and Mastertering your session while giving valuable production insights and making you feel right at home in the studio.  

Alex Abraham:  I graduated from Berklee College of Music, where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Contemporary Writing & Production. I'm capable of creating custom-made music scores that draw from a wide variety of genres and styles. I've worked on music for TV, dramatic film, documentary film, corporate interest film, and am actively looking to add to my growing list of satisfied clients.


Caveman Music:  An awesome engineer I work with all the time (he co-produces on all of my songs), I highly recommend him to getting a tight sound and great recording if you're in the Boston Area.

Maura Mendoza: I graduated from the International School of Film & TV in Havana, Cuba. I have experience as an actress, performer and singer-songwriter. I have done jingles, voice over and doubling for film and TV. With a wide range of genres, I usually come out with that “little something” that makes my work unique and fun!

Jeanne Lippiatt: Hi! My name is Jeanne. I recently graduated from the Berklee College of Music where I double majored in Film Scoring and Electronic Production and Design.  I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand where I started piano lessons at age 4.  My passion is composing music, creating sound effects, and recording dialogue for film, television, advertisements and video games. 

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