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Boston Music Studio My Lady On Fire has the ability to operate 24/7 with no late night noise restrictions for Rehearsals or Recording sessions. 

If you wish to simply visit, please shoot us an email or call to make sure we can accommodate you to the full facility located less then 10 minutes from downtown Boston!


Hey Everyone!

I am excited to announce that Jam Sessions at My Lady on Fire is back.

Open to any style in a laid-back setting, it's a great chance to play with new musicians, network and try out some new tunes. We can even get a great multi-track recording of the session!

 Times are between 8:30am to 11:30pm every Wednesday Night

Please RSVP to the studio email if you are interested in attending a session Thanks!

New Services and Policies added to the Boston Location

Hi Everyone,

We've done some upgrading and vamped up the place a little along with some new equipment and services. Please check out the new prices and policies to improve your experience here at My Lady on Fire. We're also offering some lessons. E mail us today to get you started on all your musical and audio needs. 

No Matches Required PODCAST!!!!

 Subscribe for FREE on itunes to the official My Lady on Fire podcast!!!!!!!!!! Tune in to episodes as we talk about music, pop culture and everything in between aaaaannnnddd We have musical guests and co-hosts changing all the time with live performances and exclusive tunes that can't be heard anywhere else! 

Check us out! CLICK HERE! 


 We are now providing a small a selection of lessons from some of the top graduating musicians in Boston. Are teachers are experienced and armoured with the best education in music with masters from some of the top music schools. 

We are providing lessons for drums, guitar, clarinet, saxaphone and flute. We are a fully fuctioning facility with all the amenities to help your lesson be as comfortable and rewarding as it should be!

Our Rates are:

4 lesson pack

+ $30.00 per 30 minute private lesson ($120/ monthly)
+ $60.00 per 60 minute private lesson ($240/ monthly) 

One At A Time

+ $45 per 30 minute private lesson
+ $75.00 per 60 minute private lesson

Need a place to live in NY, USA?

Musicians in New York. There's a great space up for rent in Brooklyn going for $500/mth. Living above a music shop, so you can practice and jam all night long. No Kitchen but awesome to sleep/shower/play. Shoot me a message if interested. 


WE HAVE NOW DISCOUNTED OUR USUAL RECORDING PACKAGE FOR THE SUMMER!!!!! We're here to help you get your material recorded and be proactive this summer so take up our deal with the offer lasts. From $600 to now only $450!!!!! Book your session today! Contact 

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Another Awesome Review!!!

Check out our google maps review!!!!!! 

Maura ‎ - Apr 7, 2012
My Lady on Fire” is a fun/creative audio-production studio with a great space to rehearse. We had our practice last night in this amazing place. Rebecca Naree, the president, is “all in one” production/creative professional who can be an inspiring singer-songwriter and a top of the line producer. She will walk with you through the long path of creation+production+postproduction process and beyond! www.Maura Singer/Songwriter  


    Hey Everyone,

            We like to give the gift of giving so go ahead and check out our free download tab, we'll be adding more stuff as we go along, right now we have a lot of "Naree" goodies but we'll be getting stuff from top bands that use the space!

And stay tune for live shows coming soon on the calendar tab!

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