My Lady On Fire

Boston Music Studio My Lady On Fire has the ability to operate 24/7 with no late night noise restrictions for Rehearsals or Recording sessions. 

If you wish to simply visit, please shoot us an email or call to make sure we can accommodate you to the full facility located less then 10 minutes from downtown Boston!

Our New Office!!!!!

  Hey Everybody,

         We are proud to announce that we now have our first official office location on the east coast!!!! Check out the space. 


Up on Tumblr

  Hey Guys and Gals,

            So I've been updating myself on what's hot and decided to get a tumblr account so I can be in the now, that way I can blog, post, share and such with you guys. It's hard to keep in touch especially now with so many websites offering services, for now I'll use tumblr for my artistic use so please share with me and let me know what's new with you and the world. 

"Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom" - Buddha 


  Hi Everybody,

            Rebecca here! I hope you've enjoyed our samples up on the site, there's going to be more material and more news over the next few months. We're pretty new so please feel free to introduce yourself and others as we are dying to get to know you. You can follow live performances and such on the Naree Facebook fan page or check up on the tweets, @Nareeyay. 

     I can't wait to meet you and please shoot us an e mail for any reason, need music? That's our job!


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